Leading Pool & Spa Cleaning and Maintenance in Victoria

We provide convenient pool cleaning and services to your premises. Give us a call for an appointment and free quotation today.

Keeping your pool clean is a necessity

We offer pool cleaning and maintenance services mainly in South East Melbourne, CBD and other surburbs of Victoria . Our pool specialists  are well trained, certified and experienced in the industry.

By using our pool cleaning services , your pool will be clean and safe to swim in a well balanced water condition. Regular service helps you maintain your pool clean and hygiene that  keeps away from bacteria or algae during the winter months.

Pool Maintenance

We provide a wide range of essential maintenance services tailored to each an every customer's needs. Our maintenance services ranging from a full vacuum of your pool to equipment checks. Maintaining your pool in a tip top condition at all time is essential.

Green Pool

Green pool are normally caused by green algae. We provide professional cleaning service to keep your pool algae-free.

Pool Cleaning

Our pool cleaners are well trained and experience to keep your pool sparkling clean and keep away from bacteria and viruses.

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